I’ve been meaning to write this out for a while after being invited to speak at the Downtown Raleigh Marketing convention this summer. Principle 1: Pareto was right. 80% of the money you make comes from 20% of your customers. …

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I’m actually very proud of this article, came in and did an interview with me and Ben to talk about what we’re doing with Isaac Hunter’s Oak City Tavern. This bar means the world to me, so it’s exciting …

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Here’s a better link to that interview they did with me. Again, no one will ever bother clicking this but here ya go!

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The good folks at the News and Observer did a nice little interview with me, and I did a decent job of not embarrassing myself. So that makes it a win/win! Check it out: Favorite ’80s sitcom: “Saved By the …

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Raleigh on New Years Eve

So long story short, I hope you check out your Raleigh New Years Eve options at and then ultimately make the right decision to spend New Years Eve at Isaac Hunter’s Tavern.


How Facebook can beat Twitter

Facebook needs to let us set up multiple news feeds with selected users, and encourage users to tag their updates so we can filter out the noise.


Restaurant Idea: Combine a health club and a salad bar.

Suddenly you could make me feel guilty not just about skipping my workout but also for skipping out on a healthy meal. If nothing else, it’d keep me paying that monthly membership fee!


Map of the 27 Foreclosed Homes For Sale in the Triangle

Coming up next week, 27 homes in the Triangle area will be auctioned off by the auction company Hudson & Marshall. The auction is going to be held on June 27 at 1 pm so head over to the Hilton …


Restaurant Idea: Add a Dog Menu

If I had a restaurant with a really nice outdoor seating area, I’d add a Dog Menu. I’m not talking about just having a few stale milkbones to pull out when a customer/canine combo stroll up to the bar. I am talking about the real deal. It’d be a great idea to have a menu with various dog entrees on it for the customer.


Million Dollar Idea: Mobile Wine and Cheese Taste Tracker

How about a mobile application that combines the functions of recommendations with personal reviews?